Why should you invest in a new boiler?

Boilers and central heating systems are responsible for most of your energy bills. However, most people don’t like the thought of paying out for a new boiler for their home unless their outdated boiler stops working completely. If you are in this school of thinking, you are losing an opportunity to better utilise your energy. You need to make a decision based on facts when replacing it with the modern condensing boiler.

They may seem expensive initially, but can help you save a lot of money in the long term. With better efficiency and programmable controls, a modern boiler is better able to heat a home with lower running costs. These units have a larger heat exchanger which recovers more heat, sends cooler gases up the flue and is more efficient. Besides saving on your energy bills, updating your boiler will mean improved performance, better water pressure and fewer breakdowns. Let’s outline some of the difficulties people often have with old boilers, and explain the benefits of investing in a new boiler.

Problems with older boilers

If your outdated boiler is still operational, it is likely that you are wasting energy and therefore money. For example, if we talk about the gravity-fed hot water cylinder, it can be very slow to re-heat. Moreover, if it doesn’t have the thermostat it is impossible to control and can heat water excessively. If the older boiler doesn’t have the thermostat, you will not be able to heat some particular rooms because it will heat the entire home. Consequently, you will be heating the room that no one is using and hence will be wasting a lot of energy.

Benefits of modern boilers

  • The modern boilers are a bit more compact than the older boilers as the majority of the components which make up the heating and hot water system are inbuilt. Consequently, it takes a small amount of space and makes the installation of these systems very easy.
  • They can be ideal for larger homes where one needs to have hot water from more than one bathroom. The flow rate of hot water is same throughout in these boilers. They are easier to maintain and more economical to run.
  • There are various warranties whichyou can get from your installer. We offer up to a 10 year manufacturer warranty on certain brands. It ensures you have as much peace of mind as necessary.

With so many long-term benefits, a new boiler is clearly a sound investment that could help you heat your home and water more efficiently. So if you would like to upgrade your boiler, please let us know – we can help you choose the right one.